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02 April 2016

Premium and Pro Cboxes can now display not just who's online, but who's currently typing! We hope this is something that will be useful for many of our customers — go ahead and enable it, and let us know what you think. Besides this new feature, we've also made private messaging possible between mods and regular users possible, and no longer just between mods.

20 October 2015

We've introduced some enhancements to Cbox recently, including the ability to integrate with Facebook for user registrations. Cbox user ban strength has been improved and a new proxy ban option has been introduced for Pro customers.

20 July 2015

This morning at 11:05 UTC, our upstream provider suffered a rare coincidence of power distribution failures, and as a consequence, three of our hosts shut down and went offline. At 13:00, power had been restored, and we were able to get the service back online for all affected customers 30 minutes thereafter. We do apologize for the extended duration of this outage.

24 March 2015

Recently we've made some minor changes to our product wording. The Cbox Multithreaded plan has been renamed to Cbox Pro, and the price has also been reduced by more than 30%. We have also renamed our threads feature to more directly reflect its purpose: threads are now channels. Your service is not affected except to the extent that it now offers even better value!

14 March 2015

We're pleased to announce that Cbox Premium now fully supports HTTPS! The embed code has been updated so that the switch to HTTPS happens automatically. If you had previously attempted to embed your Cbox on an SSL/TLS-secured site and found that the browser would not show it, then your new embed code will fix that problem.

14 December 2015

Welcome to the new Cbox website! We've redesigned the site to make it work better on mobile devices and to provide an enhanced platform for future development. In the process, we've tried hard to minimize disruption to familiarity and functionality. If you have any queries or concerns about the new site, let us know.