Plans & Pricing

See the important features and differences between the service levels available with Cbox.

Cbox Free

Get started for free and try out the features of Cbox.

free forever

Your Free Cbox stores 100 messages, and supports built-in message filtering options, emoticons, and themes.

It provides a rich media experience with support for avatars, autolinking, and boxcode.

Cbox Premium

Enable Live Chat and other advanced features of your Cbox.

$1.67 per month

Unlock user registration, moderators, custom themes, filtering, and more. Premium also eliminates Cbox branding and ads.

Cbox Premium is the chat solution that thousands of vibrant, engaged communities depend on.

Cbox Pro

Channels, Moderation and Integration with your site.

$7.92 per month

In addition to all Premium features, Cbox Pro unlocks support for channels, fully moderated chat, as well as single sign-on.

Cbox Pro is perfect for hosting live chat events, and when you need a white-labeled solution deeply integrated with your audience.


Feature comparison

Cbox Free Cbox Premium Cbox Pro
Message history100500500 per channel
Show users onlineYesYes, plus typing
User accounts1,00010,000, plus Integration
ModerationDelete & banModerated chat
Archives3 months3 months
NotificationsEmail & audioCustom audio, push
Abuse mitigationBuilt-inCAPTCHA & auto-banProxy ban, country restriction
Private messagingMods & adminsMods & admins
Custom filtersUp to 10Up to 100Up to 1,000
Emoticons / GIFsUp to 30Up to 100Up to 1,000
ThemesBuilt-inEditableCustom CSS
Branding / adsCbox-branded, ad-supportedNo branding or adsNo branding or ads


How many users can I have online?

Unlike other chat solutions, we do not limit the number of concurrent users. We want as many people engaged with your Cbox as you do. And our infrastructure is capable of supporting very high concurrency without difficulty.

What happens if I go over my plan limits?

We are lenient, and restricting access your Cbox is a last resort. It's not likely to happen, unless your overage is sustained and also coincides with resource constraints. However, we always plan for excess capacity to keep things running smoothly for everyone.

Do you have a demo?

The Cbox on the home page is a live example of Cbox Pro. Instead of a demo plan, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on your purchase.

Does Cbox work on mobile?

Yes, Cbox supports modern smartphones, and on Android it can even deliver push notifications. We provide you with a direct link for your Cbox which is ideal for mobile access, but if your site has a mobile-compatible layout, then Cbox will work well embedded, too.

Can I change the look & feel?

Customization is a feature with Cbox: we have over 50 configurable settings, over 30 language localizations, and you can customize the colours, fonts and CSS of your Cbox to make it seamless with your site. Our paid plans are also free of branding.

Any more questions?

Please contact us if you have any queries!