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How do I move my Cbox to a different part of my page?

You can move your Cbox embed code around in your HTML to make your Cbox show up in a different place. You can also make it align to the centre or right side of the page, by editing the code a little.

Your code may include something like this:

position: relative; margin: 0 auto;

Remove margin: 0 auto; to eliminate the centering. You can replace it with float: left; or float: right; to make your Cbox move to the left or right, respectively.

To move it up or down on your page, you'll need to move the code to a different part of your layout. If you have access to the HTML of your page but don't know HTML, test different places to see which works best.

Other code variations may have different position methods, but can usually be edited in CSS. For example, the "fixed button" code includes inline CSS which controls its position on the page.

Last updated 8 October 2015

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