2019-03-26 13:05 UTC — One or more servers are reporting increased latency or similar faults. This is likely transient. If you are experiencing ongoing problems with your Cbox, please contact us.

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Service updates

24 May 2018

A power supply issue and backup power failure at one of our providers caused a rare shutdown for one of our servers, causing disruption for some users. The outage lasted approximately one hour. After restoring service, some residual issues remained which were fixed over the following hour.

23 October 2017

Recently we updated the Cbox user/onliner system. It's more robust and more extensible than before. The most obvious change is that you can now log in to your Cbox with the same name on multiple devices, without being logged-out on the others. But this update paves the way for future development as well. More user control options, and better channel integration, are in the pipeline. In the mean time we've made it easy to upgrade to V10 and take advantage of the new Cbox UI.

08 March 2017

Several months ago, we soft-launched V10, the latest version of Cbox. New with this version is a completely overhauled frontend. It's fully responsive on mobile devices, and smoother and even easier to use than the classic layout. Chat history, avatars and emoticons have been streamlined, and embedding has been simplified. If you don't have a V10 Cbox already, you can create one now.

We've also launched a few new features in the past few months:

  1. Web hook, which lets you receive copies of all messages sent to your Cbox.
  2. Moderated chat, which lets you manually accept messages and approve users.
  3. Country restriction, which lets you configure allowed/denied countries based on user IP.

02 April 2016

Premium and Pro Cboxes can now display not just who's online, but who's currently typing! We hope this is something that will be useful for many of our customers — go ahead and enable it, and let us know what you think. Besides this new feature, we've also made private messaging possible between mods and regular users possible, and no longer just between mods.

20 October 2015

We've introduced some enhancements to Cbox recently, including the ability to integrate with Facebook for user registrations. Cbox user ban strength has been improved and a new proxy ban option has been introduced for Pro customers.

20 July 2015

This morning at 11:05 UTC, our upstream provider suffered a rare coincidence of power distribution failures, and as a consequence, three of our hosts shut down and went offline. At 13:00, power had been restored, and we were able to get the service back online for all affected customers 30 minutes thereafter. We do apologize for the extended duration of this outage.