2024-06-23 23:27 UTC — All systems are currently operating normally.

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Service updates

01 July 2021

Cbox suffered an extended outage affecting certain customers starting shortly after midnight UCT and extending for a smaller number of customers into the afternoon. The root cause was a failure at one of our providers which was exacerbated by faulty DNS configuration. We are planning a number of interventions to improve Cbox's resilience to failures of this nature.

28 February 2021

At about 10 PM UTC Cbox suffered an internal network fault that disrupted service for a subset of Cboxes as well as customer control panels. We were able to restore most connectivity for Cboxes by midnight UTC and remaining control panel issues were resolved by about 1 AM.

09 June 2020

A global network issue with one of our providers caused intermittent connectivity issues and increased latency for Cbox users from about 10:00 PM UTC. Traffic was restored to normal by about 11:30 PM.