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Can I create moderators or administrators?

Moderation is available on paid Cboxes. Messages on a free Cbox can only be deleted via the control panel only.

Mods and admins have the same permissions, but admins are ranked higher than mods: mods cannot ban admins or delete their messages. Mods cannot ban each other, but they can delete each others' messages. Admins cannot ban each other either, but they can delete anyone's messages.

You can create a mod or admin name at your Users page, either by selecting one of the existing registered names and clicking the "Mod" button, or by creating a new registered user with Moderator or Administrator status using the form on that page.

To log in with a mod/admin name on your Cbox, enter the name in the "name" box, click the "profile" link at the bottom-right, and then enter the password.

After successfully logging in, you should see [x] and [o] icons next to each message in your Cbox. Clicking the [x] deletes a message, while clicking [o] bans the user that posted the message.

Last updated 19 October 2015

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