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On MyLeague my Cbox doesn't show the "name" box

By default, Cboxes embedded on are integrated with your MyLeague userbase. This disables the "name" and "email / url" boxes on your Cbox, and automatically assigns usernames and avatars to members who are signed in on MyLeague. Non-members and members who have not signed in are given the name "Guest."

If you would prefer to use Cbox's built-in user features, so that your visitors must specify their names themselves, you can do that by choosing a different Cbox code variation — choose "Inline (default)". Then a new embed code will appear, which you will need to copy-and-paste over your old Cbox code in your MyLeague page.

Then Save and refresh your page and you should see the "name" box on your Cbox. You will now have access to all User and Access Control features.

Last updated 17 October 2015

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