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How do I use avatars?

You can enable avatars for your Cbox at your Posting options page (under "Message options").

Once enabled, your users can upload their chosen images to any image hosting provider, and then enter the link to them in the email / url input box of your Cbox. Any URL ending .gif, .jpg or .png will be accepted.

Note that if you are accessing your Cbox over HTTPS, then your users' avatars will need to be hosted at a provider that supports HTTPS; otherwise, the browser will not show them.

Avatars will be resized by the browser. You can change the size of avatars with Premium Cbox by editing the CSS. The class that controls avatars is called .pic. Edit the width and height properties to change the dimensions.

To integrate avatars with your user system, see Extended Integration at your User Integration page.

Last updated 9 June 2016

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