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How do I choose a secure password?

Your security online is important to us. Please consider these guidelines for choosing a secure password:

  • Avoid words which appear in the dictionary.
  • A longer password is generally better.
  • Mix uppercase letters, numbers, and other special characters into your password.
  • Your password should not easily be associated with you – don't use your name or birthdate in your password.

Cbox will send you a password reset email if you ever forget your password here. This means that your email account must be at least as secure as your Cbox account. Do not use the same password for Cbox that you use for your email account. This is good practice generally: it is common for Internet services to send password reset emails to your email address. If any one of them is compromised, the risk is limited to that account only if your passwords are different.

A good tip for choosing a strong password: start with a memorable sentence. Then take the first letter from each word in the sentence to make your password. Use a mix of upper- and lower-case letters and use a number or other non-alphabetic character as a substitute for at least one letter.

Last updated 8 October 2015

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