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Private messaging

Cbox supports private messaging to and from mod and admin users. You can enable PM for your Cbox at your Settings page.

You can also type out the PM command: enter //pm username message..., where username is the name of the person you want to send your message to. This method works if the username conforms to Cbox "strict name" or "ASCII name" policy, i.e. comprises alphanumeric characters only and includes no spaces. Otherwise, you will have to refer to the user by ID.

By default, ordinary users cannot send PMs to other ordinary users. One of the two participants in any private conversation must be a mod or admin.

Opting in and out

Registered users can opt in to sending and receiving private messages from other registered (non-mod) users, by entering //pm on. The command //pm off revokes this availability.

Errors on sending

Private messages can fail to send for a number of reasons. If you get an error, it will likely either be due to the target user not being online (see below) or due to policy regarding who can send and receive private messages (see above). If the target user is not online, you may need to wait just a few seconds before retrying. Refer to the onliners list to confirm whether Cbox recognizes the user as present.

Message delivery

Private messages are sent via the streaming interfaces. The target user must be viewing and connected. Users on old browsers or restricted networks may not be able to receive PMs. When your message has been accepted by our servers for relaying, you will see an indicator (by default, a tick symbol). When the message has been received by the target user, the indicator will change (double-tick symbol). If that doesn't happen, your message probably wasn't received. Note that Cbox does not know that a message has been read, only that it has been delivered.


Cbox does not store private messages for future delivery. New messages are relayed only if the user has an active connection. If the user has gone offline or is otherwise unable to receive your message, it will not be sent again, and nor will it be seen by that user when he reconnects. If you do not see the two-tick "received" indicator within a few seconds of sending a message, you will need to re-send your message later.

Last updated 26 September 2017

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