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About Facebook integration

Paid Cboxes support Facebook authentication for user registration. You can enable this option at your Users page.

Facebook authentication makes it easy for users to register their names with your Cbox, because they do not have to enter or remember a separate password for Cbox. They tap the "profile" link and then the "Log in with Facebook" button. If they are already logged in with Facebook and have previously accepted the Cbox app connection, then they will be logged in without any further prompt.

Facebook authentication also makes it easier for you to control access to your Cbox, because bans against Facebook users will apply to their Facebook identity, not just their name or IP on your Cbox.

Cbox does not use its Facebook integration to post to users' feeds; we only ask permission to retrieve the user's name and email address, as well as basic public information that all Facebook apps receive. We may set the user's avatar on your Cbox to their Facebook profile picture by default, but they are free to change this.

Last updated 19 October 2015

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