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There are a number of commands you can enter in your Cbox to perform actions that would otherwise require a tap or click, or that are not available through other means.

Note that commands are not formally supported by Cbox, and are liable to change, or not to function, at any time.

Enter commands as if they were messages in your Cbox:

  • //debug [watch] — shows debugging information.
  • //reload [clean] — refreshes the Cbox iframe. Enter //reload clean to clear local data. (This will log you out and reset preferences.)
  • //ignore joe — ignore the user joe. Leave out the name to get a list of currently-ignored users. Repeat the command with an ignored name to un-ignore that person.
  • //pm mary hello! — sends hello! to the user called mary. (Requires private messaging to be enabled.)
  • //colors — open a colour palette to change your message text colour (requires boxcode to be enabled.)
  • //tetris, //sudoku, //wordsearch game-id — for wordsearch, invite another user to enter the same command, with the same game-id, to join your game.
Last updated 17 October 2017

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