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What is Moderated chat and voice permission?

A Moderated Cbox requires that messages be manually approved before they are published.

Normally, all users can post to your public Cbox, and everyone can see their messages. If you enable Moderated chat, then only voiced users can post directly. Unvoiced users' messages are redirected to a special channel where moderators can view and approve them.

This setting enables proactive moderation. It's important if you are concerned about your platform's brand but still want your Cbox to be publicly-accessible. It's also useful if you host live chats where you may want to control the volume and relevance of published messages by accepting only the ones you want, and at the appropriate time.

Using Moderated chat

For testing, it's helpful to open another instance of your Cbox in an incognito/private tab. This allows you to log in as a guest in one tab and as a Mod in the other.

When you enable this setting, a shadow channel is created. Regular users cannot access it, but a Mod or Admin user on the public Cbox will see a "mod channel" link or "thumbs up" button. Clicking this button opens the shadow channel, and shows any messages that are awaiting approval. These messages can be published (i.e. re-posted) to the public Cbox by clicking the [a]/"tick" button in the mod tools next to each message.

Voice permission

Note that when users register they do not automatically get voice. So, if you have existing registered users, before you enable Moderated chat, you might first want to voice them.

Mods and admins always have voice. This means they can always post directly to your public Cbox. Registered users (other than mods and admins) can be voiced and unvoiced from within your Cbox by clicking the [v]/"plus" button in the mod tools next to their messages. Unregistered guest users cannot be granted this permission, however.

Voice permission grants a user direct publication access to your Cbox, without any of the special permissions of mods or admins. It is useful in cases where the user is trusted and/or conversation established.

Moderated channels

Moderation works in conjunction with channels, too. The global setting controls whether new channels are created in Moderated mode or not. The per-channel setting is maintained even if the global setting is later changed.

Last updated 18 November 2016

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