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Microphone (beta)

Microphone brings voice notes to your Cbox. Users will see a microphone symbol below the message input box, which they can press and hold to record a note. The note is then posted into their message using regular boxcode.

This is a beta feature currently, with limited availability. Its implementation may change in future.

On the first tap of the button, the browser will request permission to use the device microphone. The user must Accept this request the first time. On future visits, the permission should be preserved.


This feature makes use of recent browser technologies. As such it requires a modern browser such as Chrome. It will work on Android smartphones as well as desktops.

Importantly, you must have SSL (HTTPS) enabled both in your Cbox and your site. If your site does not support HTTPS, then you will still be able to use this feature at your Quick Link, but you will receive an error from it on your embedded Cbox.


We recommend using this feature in conjunction with a Moderated Cbox. This way, you or a moderator has to give explicit voice permission to users before they are able to post messages (and also therefore, voice notes.) In other respects, voice notes are just like other messages with media in them.


After enabling the feature, you may need to increase your Cbox form height. Otherwise, the button might be cut off and not be fully visible in your Cbox.

Last updated 22 September 2016

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