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I lost my Cbox embed code. Where can I get it?

How do I put my Cbox on my website?

How do change my Cbox's style to go with my site's design?

How do I delete messages?

Can I make my Cbox transparent?

How do I find out who posted in my Cbox?

How do I ban / unban someone?

How do I change my settings?

Formatting messages with boxcode

I can't log in. It says "Invalid username or password"

I forgot my password. What can I do?

How do I create a Cbox?

I deleted some messages by accident. Can I get them back?

How do I close my Cbox account?

Can I have more than one Cbox?

How do I remove the "cbox" or "Get a Cbox" link?

The form part of my Cbox doesn't display. I only see the outline.

How do I move my Cbox to a different part of my page?

How do I change my Cbox's size?

Can I create moderators or administrators?

My time is wrong. How do I change it?

I am banned on my own Cbox!

Is Cbox free?

My form fields have a yellow background!

How can I add emoticons?

Why are there ads?

I banned someone and they are still able to post. What can I do?

How can I upgrade my Cbox?

I didn't get an email I was expecting

Every time I do something in the control panel, I get logged out.

My scroll bar is missing!

What payment methods are available?

My Cbox says it is locked and posting is disabled

How do I disable the ActiveX prompt?

Where can I change my password?

How do I change my Quick Link address / account name / login name?

How can I prevent spam and abuse on my Cbox?

On MyLeague my Cbox doesn't show the "name" box

How do I downgrade my account?

I can't log in to my account but my username is taken

How do I renew my Cbox?

I am seeing an error saying "Private Cbox."

How can I prevent other websites from showing my Cbox?

Can I prevent "Guest" from posting in my Cbox?

Can I have more than one Cbox on a page?

How can I post a link or image in my Sticky message?

How do I use avatars?

Can I configure custom user groups or colors?

How do I ban a user by name?

The Quick Link page has an error saying "Not Found" or "Invalid Quick Link"

I can't hear the sound effect or its volume is too low

Bot users

Filtering names and messages

Private messaging


Does Cbox support HTTPS (SSL/TLS)?

How do I change the "welcome" message?

The new Cbox

How do I automate creating channels with the Channel API?

User Integration

About CSS editing

Can I use HTML in filters and sticky messages?

How do I cancel my automatic billing?

How do I disable the email/url field?

What happens when my Cbox goes over its limits?

Push notifications

Using the Cbox webhook

What is Moderated chat and voice permission?

About Facebook integration

What are the emoticon / filter limits?

Cbox forgets my name

Typing notifications

Why does my online-user count differ from [third-party tracker]'s count?

What happens to my credit when I upgrade or renew early?

Microphone (beta)

Downloading message archives

How do I change the Cbox language?

Ban and kick: what's the difference?

How do I choose a secure password?

Getting error "L-connection" when attempting to post

Cbox not displaying in Firefox 72

How do I delete my data?